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Episode 15: Setting the Stage: A Deep Dive into the Initial Interview for Business Sellers

The importance of the Initial meeting Before a Business Sale with Manan Noorzy Are you contemplating selling your business? You need to have an initial meeting with an expert to evaluate the readiness of your business for sale. Today, I have Manan joining me on the podcast to discuss the importance of an initial meeting […]

Episode 14: No-Nonsense Business Coaching: Steven Kay's Approach to Success

The Vast Benefits of Having Business Coaching For Business Owners Have you experienced business coaching as a business owner? How beneficial was it to you and your business? Today I have the privilege of hosting the amazing Steven Kay on the show. Steven is a multi-award-winning Business Coach and Mentor, the 4th person inducted into […]

Episode 13: How to Plan for your Business Exit with Greg Boyer

How to Plan for your Business Exit with Greg Boyer Have you been planning on exiting your business? This episode is for you.  Greg Boyer joins me on the show today to share nuggets of wisdom about business exits. He is the founder of Boyer Business Advisory and author of “The Business Owner’s Guide to […]

Episode 12: Unlocking Financial Freedom: Strategies for Building Wealth Through Your Business

Unlocking Financial Freedom: Strategies for Building Wealth Through Your Business. Are you a business owner looking to achieve financial independence? Then you won’t want to miss this episode of our podcast. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jackson Millan, a highly acclaimed businessman and best-selling author, also known as The Wealth Mentor. Jackson […]

Episode 11: Selling an Automotive Business

Welcome to today’s podcast episode, where we focus on a topic that is of great significance to entrepreneurs in the automotive industry- “Selling Your Automotive Business.” Our esteemed guest today is Peter Fennell, a seasoned business broker from United Business Brokers, who has an exceptional track record in successfully selling automotive businesses. Peter brings his […]

Episode 10: How to Sell Youtube Channels or Influencer platforms

How to Build and Sell your Business as a Content Creator/Influencer with Christina Butcher. Our world today has diverse ways of creating income. We all know of content creators and influencers, right? These people are making our marketing diverse, easier, and cheaper. Today I have the pleasure of hosting Christina Butcher joining me on the […]

Episode 9: Financing the purchase of a business; What you need to know.

Intricacies of Funding Business Acquisition with Abhishek Maharaj Business financing is a complex topic for many of us. Our brains have more questions than answers regarding business acquisition funding. Today, Abhishek Maharaj helps us understand the ins and outs of gaining funding. Abhishek is a partner broker at Win Quote SME Finance. Win Quote specializes […]

Episode 8: The Place of a Lawyer when Closing a Business Deal with Joanna Oakey

Are you in the process of a business transaction? You definitely need a lawyer to help you with the process. Unfortunately, not all lawyers will be a match for you. Some can make the process extremely slow, while others can frustrate everyone. In this episode, we’ll be diving into the place of a lawyer when […]

Episode 7: The significance of carrying out Systems inside your business practices

The Essence of Creating Business Systems and How to Create them with John Tonkin When people talk about business systems, all that comes to mind is McDonald’s. Chances are, you wonder just how good their systems are to the point that teenagers flawlessly operate them. Today, John Tonkin explains how the McDonald’s system works and […]

Episode 6: Unravelling red tape. A look behind government bureaucracy

How to Influence Local, State or Federal Governments and Achieve Change with Elaine Abery Is there a change you’ve wanted to see in your industry that can benefit the government, community, and industry? This episode is for you. In this episode, Elaine Abery joins me in the show to enlighten us on how to influence […]

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